Regional Development Partners

The HCEDC works with our regional partners, Ohio Southeast (OhioSE) and the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association (OMEGA), to access various incentive programs and obtain grant funds to support local economic development projects. Our partnerships with OhioSE and OMEGA allow the HCEDC to “punch above its weight” by providing us with expertise and support in locating and accessing outside resources.

  • OhioSE: OhioSE is a regional economic development organization serving as a liaison between JobsOhio and local economic development organizations in 25 Ohio counties, including the HCEDC. OhioSE representatives work with the HCEDC to identify economic development projects and to access funding and other resources to support such projects. To learn more about OhioSE, please visit their website here.
  • OMEGA: OMEGA is a collaborative organization of member governments that serves as a facilitator between state and federal government agencies and local development entities, such as HCEDC, to provide opportunities in economic and community development. To learn more about OMEGA, please visit their website here.

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““The Holmes County Economic Development Council creates a great environment for connecting people and resources that need to work together. And they’ve always been responsive, with a quick turnaround, serving area businesses well.”
—James Troyer, Troyer Owner”