Interested in advancing the work of the HCEDC?

There are a number of ways you can help.


Become a Board Member.

Lend your expertise to help shape the direction of the HCEDC. To learn more about becoming a board member, contact the HCEDC Board President, Arnold Oliver, at 330-674-7618.


Become an Investor.

By becoming an investor in the HCEDC, you can help support business growth in ways that benefit the community as a whole. Strategic investment in business growth helps create jobs, increase tax base and improve delivery of essential services. To become an investor, please complete and submit the application below.

  • I am interested in investing in the economic stability and growth of Holmes County. Please accept my tax-deductible contribution to the Holmes County Economic Development Council. I understand that it will be used to implement initiatives designed to strengthen the business environment in Holmes County.

  • Please invoice me in the amount indicated above, at the address set forth below:

Current Investors.

Thrive ($5,000 or more):

Support ($500 - $2,499):

Stakeholder Success Story

Glenn Miller, President and CEO of the Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc., has been around the HCEDC since its inception in 2004. A group of investors pledged funds to launch the council and the first board hired an executive director whose grant writing expertise helped many Holmes County businesses. Miller is pleased by the growth he has seen in Holmes County and extols the good work the HCEDC does, not only for recipients of its help, but also investors in its work.

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