Our Mission

The Holmes County Economic Development Council was formed in 2004 by a group of community leaders to promote business investment in Holmes County. Since its formation, HCEDC has evolved and refined its offering of services, but its objective remains the same – to improve the quality of life for Holmes County citizens by supporting strategic business growth and investment to create living wage jobs.



To that end, HCEDC’s services are tailored primarily to meet the needs of manufacturing sector businesses. HCEDC offers a variety of services to such companies, including: providing financing on favorable terms, assisting growing companies obtain tax incentives, facilitating government relations, and gathering and sharing economic data to help inform business decisions. We also work with our network of regional economic development partners to connect employers with workforce resources, and identify and access grant funds for public infrastructure improvements.

To learn more about how HCEDC can help your company start, locate, stay or grow here, please visit one of the sections below.


Mark Leininger, Executive Director of the HCEDC


  • HCEDC’s services are tailored to meet the needs of manufacturing and distribution sector businesses. Retail and hospitality sector businesses are best served by the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce.
  • HCEDC is funded by a combination of public and private funds.
  • HCEDC is an Ohio non-profit corporation; we are not a government agency.
  • HCEDC is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of local leaders in the areas of manufacturing, banking, public utilities, insurance, law, real estate, tourism, agriculture and local government.

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