Staff & Board

HCEDC’s board of directors is comprised of local leaders in the areas of manufacturing, banking, public utilities, insurance, health care, law, real estate, tourism, agriculture and local government. The board roster follows:

Permanent Position:

  • Ray Eyler, Holmes County Commissioner


  • Arnold Oliver, President, Holmes County Planning Commission
  • Jason Hummel, Vice President, Park National Bank
  • Glenn Miller, Treasurer, Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc.
  • Craig Lawhead, Secretary, Killbuck Savings Bank

Other Board Members:

  • Kim Hall Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston, Ltd.
  • Brock Hostetler,  Hummel Group
  • Dan Jackson, Holmes County Dept. of Job & Family Services
  • Jason Justus, Pomerene Hospital
  • Tiffany Gerber, Holmes County Chamber of Commerce
  • Shasta Mast, Hardwood Furniture Guild
  • Paula Meiler, Commercial & Savings Bank
  • Leah Miller, Small Farm Institute
  • Tony Mullet, Kaufman Realty
  • Carlos Mullet, Weaver Leather
  • Lee Fitzsimmons, Wayne Savings Community Bank

Executive Director:

Mark has served as the Executive Director of the HCEDC since March of 2015, but his connection to Holmes County spans his entire life. Mark was born and raised in Holmes County and spent the formative years of his career at Critchfield Law Firm in Millersburg, where he practiced commercial real estate law. While at Critchfield, Mark served on the Board of Directors of the HCEDC for five years. Mark’s work as an attorney has provided him with a unique skill set for solving business problems. In addition, his experience on the HCEDC board helped him gain valuable insight into the unique culture of the local business community. Of his work, Mark says, “As a person with deep roots in Holmes County, I feel a kinship with local business owners and hope that the work we do at the HCEDC helps achieve their business goals and advance the economic interests of the community as a whole.”

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