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About Holmes County

Holmes County is well-known for its rolling farmland and thriving Amish community. What many people are surprised to learn is that manufacturing is a fundamental driver of the local economy.

Site Selection

Information about building and site inventory, market access, transportation, and more.

HCEDC Services

HCEDC works directly with local businesses to provide gap financing, obtain tax incentives, and request strategic grant funds. HCEDC also maintains collaborative relationships with an array of business specialists offering a variety of services.

Regional Development Partners

Our partnerships with Ohio Southeast and Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association allow the HCEDC to “punch above its weight” by providing us with expertise and support in locating and accessing outside resources.

Success Stories

The HCEDC has helped numerous businesses relocate to Holmes County and thrive. Read about some of them here.

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“”We had the vision of an organization that would not just bring companies in from outside the county to foster growth, but also aid businesses that are already here to expand and thrive. So, the HCEDC was formed.”
—Glenn Miller, Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc. President and CEO”