Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Glenn Miller, President and CEO of the Holmes-Wayne Electric Cooperative, Inc., has been around the HCEDC since its inception in 2004.

“When I first started my position at the Cooperative, I was asked to be part of  a committee of people, passionate about the success of Holmes County, who were trying to form an economic development council. We had the vision of an organization that would not just bring companies in from outside the county to foster growth, but also aid businesses that are already here to expand and thrive.”

A group of investors pledged funds to launch the council and the first board hired an executive director, Shawn Starlin, whose grant writing expertise helped many Holmes County businesses in the first few years of the HCEDC’s existence.

Almost 15 years and two executive directors later, Miller is pleased by the growth he has seen in Holmes County and extols the good work the HCEDC does, not only for recipients of its help, but also investors in its work: “Small communities must be proactive and deliberate about encouraging growth and investment. As a corporate citizen, we want to be engaged in helping our community thrive. That’s why we have made annual investments in the HCEDC since its formation. Over the years, we have seen our investment pay dividends in the form of better opportunities for the residents of Holmes County. We have derived a great deal of satisfaction in the knowledge that our company has played an active role in advancing the growth and prosperity of our community.”

The more individuals and companies who can get involved in the work of the Council, the less burden any one small business feels. And, as the saying goes, “A rising tide raises all ships.”

Won’t you consider investing – with either your time, skills, or financial resources – in the work of the HCEDC today?

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